Your Problem

  • You want to know how effective your
    Logistics and Supply Chain is.


  • You want an assessment of all activities
    and risks including customs, VAT,
    performance measurement system etc.


  • You want to know if the project you already
    realised had the declared return.

Our Solution

We have the necessary experience, benchmarks and methods.

Operations Efficiency Assessment (OEA)


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We optimize your processes

It isn’t really difficult to create grand theories: In practice however everything looks quite different.Therefore we analyse the work-flows in your operation on-site, with an efficient impact study and concrete results. And all that in just seven days. Get onto the safe side with our Operation Efficiency Assessment.

Logistics Optimization


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We optimize your logistics


From the tiniest of details right up to the entire network, national and international logistics are literally in a permanent state of perpetual motion. Work processes and networks must therefore be continuously reviewed and improved. We analyse and optimize your logistics fast and that you always remain right on course.