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Beat K. Schlumpf FCILT
Over 30 years of experience in logistics and supply chain execution in various management functions in Switzerland and abroad. Lecturer, Examiner and Director of studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Various publications and technical literature. Core competence in assessment, development and implementation of integrated logistics solutions. Inventor of the "Operations Efficiency Assessment” and the Time Factor model for process assessments. 

Member of

  • GS1 Global Standard 1
  • Swiss Chamber of Commerce
  • Chamber of Commerce Canton Solothurn
  • Swiss Label
  • SwissBoardForum
  • SACC - Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce
  • CASCI - Arab Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • CILT - The Chartered Institut of Logistics and Transport
  • SSC - Swiss Shippers' Council
  • BVL - Bundesvereinigung für Logistik
  • LCS - Swiss Logistics Manager Club
  • PCB - Propellerclub Basel
  • Spedlogswiss